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Slamming On The Brakes


  1. Oct 11,  · A school bus driver in Arizona has been charged with child abuse after slamming on the brakes, causing an year-old to hit his head against the .
  2. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English slam on the brakes slam on the brakes TTC to make a car stop very suddenly by pressing the brake s very hard → slam Examples from the Corpus slam on the brakes • If they don't agree on promotion, the stadium's financial backers may slam on the brakes.
  3. Jul 27,  · Slamming on the Brakes Send Man Flying Into Windshield. July 27, Occurred on July 25, / Scarborough, England, UK. Info from Licensor: "Ash, Scott and I .
  4. Slamming on the brakes unknown When you have to fart and you have to clench your buttcheeks so you dont let loose, kinda like you slam on the brakes The one slamming on the brakes?
  5. Jun 15,  · Did you know that harsh braking can damage more than your brakes? Published June 15th, When Is The Last Time You Slammed On The Brakes In Your Car? If you have to be completely honest, it was probably not long ago. Although we’d all like to pretend that we’re attentive and patient drivers at all hours of the day, everyone has their.
  6. Oct 22,  · "Slamming" down on the brake pedal and holding it down is the correct way to perform an emergency stop:M5thumbs: Some cars even detect sudden brake pedal movement and increase brake pressure, since many drivers will not push the petal hard enough in an emergency -- I don't know if the M5 has this feature.
  7. A friend was at our home when our 4-year-old son gently grabbed her face, and gave her a soft, slow kiss on the cheek. She froze for a minute and said, “Wow! He gives out that slow love.” The.
  8. slam the brake (s) on. 1. Literally, to quickly press on a vehicle's brakes to slow down or stop. He slammed the brakes on when he saw the child running into the street. You risk doing your car serious damage if you slam the brake on without shifting down the gears. 2.
  9. Its your fault if you slammed on the brakes. If you are rear ended, its their fault if they hit you - 1. It would be hard to prove your intent was purposely getting rear-ended. 2. They had plenty of time to react to your merging in, then braking.

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